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SocialTeigh was founded as a Website & Social Media Management company in 2017 when Trina Finch Goodman left the K-12 classroom after 18 years in Education. Holding teacher certifications in K-12 Music, K-6 Elementary Education, Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum, Differentiated Instruction, and Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, she developed a wealth of varied knowledge, skills and experience, while providing positive influence and facilitating change for students, parents, colleagues and the community alike.

SocialTeigh Websites & Social Media Management was born out of a lifelong desire for learning and a love for all things social media, which was fostered by seven years teaching at the highly-rated Schools of McKeel Academy in Lakeland, FL, a system of charter schools of technology. This was followed by a M.Ed. in Educational Technology Leadership with a certification in Social Media Management. The business was certainly a passion project but it wasn't long until one of her clients hired her full-time as their Director of Operations & Marketing, and the business eventually faded into the background.

Trina then spent the next several years delving full-time into the world of law, and loving the new challenge of helping and connecting with a brand new population. While she thrives in that role and will continue to do so, there has been a new passion stirring in her soul: the desire to connect with women like herself who have faced personal and professional challenges and provide the accountability and encouragement that they need to make meaningful change in their lives.

In 2023, SocialTeigh rebranded to follow this innate purpose.  Synthesizing a wide range of experience across the fields of education, training, marketing, professional development, business, legal and the arts, she brings a unique approach to helping women discover their personal joy and develop a renewed sense of fulfillment and purpose.

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